Monday, November 19, 2007

Goals Before Returning to Rochester

I have way, way too much time on my hands this Thanksgiving break, so I'm going to post some goals with the intention of accomplishing at least some of them before I return to Rochester.

  • Hold a handstand - AND CONTROL IT - for a solid 6 seconds.
  • Hold a bent-knees flag for 5 seconds.
  • Land my back tucks on my feet, consistently.
  • Learn how to do a 540 roundhouse, at least well enough to teach it to someone else in Rochester.
  • Start learning wall flips.

That should do for now. The first two I can do at home, the third I can do at home... at the second two I'm going to hit up Acro and Emiles (two gymnastics gyms) and try to get someone to help me.

So that's my plan for this Thanksgiving break!

Monday, November 5, 2007

RIT Training Video - Fall 2007

Sunday, we decided to make a training video. It became a 13 hour ordeal... but it is done! 4 hours of filming, (about 2 hours of eating,) and then a 7 hour marathon editing session... but I think it turned out really well.

Unfortunately, there were only four of us on Sunday, so the video doesn't give an accurate representation of the usual group, but there was still a good variety of skill levels present. Charlie and Artem are still relatively new, Joe had a decent amount of experience, but has never really trained with anyone else, and Zac (me) has been training for almost 2 years.

In Mid-Atlantic news, Primal Fitness (the Parkour Gym in DC) has moved! Only about a mile, it's just the next subway station down from where it was before. They have moved to a bigger location, and now offer more classes. If you're ever down in the area, I HIGHLY recommend you check them out. Mark and Jessie (the owners) are really great guys, and their Parkour classes are great for beginners and advanced traceurs alike.

Youtube version of the RIT Parkour Training 2007 video.

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