Sunday, December 23, 2007

Goals for Break: Take 2

Winter/Christmas Break is upon us, and with this break comes another set of goals. (Some ALREADY accomplished by the time I made this post!)

  • Wallflips. (Already learned. I can do them in the gym, I want to practice there a little bit more before I try them outside, but they're pretty easy.)
  • Layout from height. (Already learned! I would like to practice these a bit more, but I am really, really confident in them, so I could probably do them outside right now.)
  • Sideflips. (Already learned! Kind of. They need a lot more practice in the gym. The landing is.. sparradic at best, and I have too much rotation in the wrong directions.)
  • Handstands. Getting better, but I still can't hold it solidly for any decent length of time.
  • 540 kick. Again, getting better. I can land them more reliably and correctly now, but still want more work.
  • Frontflips. This is a maybe. If I'm doing really well with all my other goals, I'll start learning and practicing the basics of a frontflip.

In other news, about half of NYPK is coming down on January 2nd and 3rd to visit. The plan is to have some people drive and meet at my house, and others take a bus to DC, then we're going to spend the day at Primal and various spots around DC, perhaps Silver Spring? Then that night, we're going to come back to my house and crash, and then go to AACC to train the next day, and perhaps Emilias or Xtreme Acro (gymnastics gyms) to train for a bit, then they leave. It should be pretty awesome, expecting upwards of 10 people, plus all the guys I train with here in Severna Park.

I can't wait! This is going to be a good break.

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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Goals and Presentations

Well, I didn't complete all of my goals, but I did a decent job. I ended up going on a self-imposed week of rest first week of break, because my body was just self-destructing from overuse. After the week, I felt FANTASTIC though, and training resumed, and it resumed hard. Tuesday I trained with Doc Akh in Westminster, at McDaniels, and then we went to Acro (gymnastics gym) and I helped him teach his Parkour class. Wednesday was training at AACC with Disciple, Thursday I went down to Primal Fitness to play with Disciple and take their Advanced Parkour class.

And then Friday. I got at text from hardcoretraceur at about 8PM, telling me he was coming down to DC (He lives near NYC) with Kasper (who was staying with him, and lives in the Bahamas). Long story short, I drove down to DC at 4AM to pick him up from the bus, we came back to my house and crashed for a few hours. After breakfast, we met up with nickm, Ben Horn, and Disciple to train at AACC, and then we went to Primal to build things, hang out, go through a few Crossfit workouts, a Parkour open gym, and then we slept there. The next morning, we trained at Primal for most of the day again. So anyawy, things I accomplished:


  • Hold a handstand - AND CONTROL IT - for a solid 6 seconds. - I didn't do as much handstand work as I would have liked, but I was able to hold a handstand for a good 4 or 5 seconds, although I had to use the wall to get up.
  • Hold a bent-knees flag for 5 seconds. - Did not have time to work on this.
  • Land my back tucks on my feet, consistently. - Figured out the main reason I'm screwing up. (Bringing knees and shoulders together, instead of knees to shoulders.) They're getting consistently better, so I'd say goal pretty much accomplished.
  • Learn how to do a 540 roundhouse, at least well enough to teach it to someone else in Rochester. - My 540 is pretty good, though the landing needs more practice. I'd give it a Mission Accomplished.
  • Start learning wall flips. - Did not have time to work on these.


  • I am a lot more comfortable with my Kong to Cat now, as well as my Kong to precision.
  • Started training on some trees. There are some trees that are hotspots by themselves...
  • I think I finished getting all the footage I need for Countdown (movie I'm working on with Ben Corwin). We should have it finished by Christmas.

In other news, I don't think I ever posted a link to the presentation I gave to Campus Safety. You can find the Power Point presentation here. This does not include what I said, which really is the important part, but it is mostly just a list of topics I covered. Feel free to edit and use this for your own purposes, just give credit where credit is due if asked.

Also, RIT Parkour now has their own subforum on American Parkour. You can find it here. So if you go to RIT or are from Rochester, or just want more information about our training plans, swing on by!

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