Monday, November 3, 2008

72 Hour Fast - Part 2

Here are the Twitter updates from the 72 hour period (and a little before). In a few days, I'll post up my reflections on what I learned, and plans for the future.

I'm anxious about fasting for 72 hours. I have 4 hours and 57 more minutes of foodtime left, and then nothing until Saturday. 7:03 PM Oct 28th

Just set up my phone. I will be constantly updating this twitter with how i feel during my 72 hour fast. Visit to find more. 7:17 PM Oct 28th

is hungry and tired already... and he hasn't even begun his fast yet! This is going to suck. 9:30 PM Oct 28th

I'm home for the night. It's timeto pee, then start making the last supper. One hour and five minutes. 10:55 PM Oct 28th

I'm starting to eat dinner now... Cutting it a bit close 11:54 PM Oct 28th

Here we go... 12:00 AM Oct 29th

First morning: Woke up on time, showered, and ready for class 25 minutes early. I forgot how long breakfast takes to prepare. A bit peckish. 7:35 AM Oct 29th

Just finished his first bike ride to class. Current weather: hail. Good game, Rochester... Good game. 8:16 AM Oct 29th

I'm feeling the first urges to eat. It's been eight hours and fifty five minutes since i last ate. 8:50 AM Oct 29th

I just made it through my first hunger headache. Nothing special, I get these all the time when I skip breakfast. Signs of things to come... 10:10 AM Oct 29th from web

Twelve hours down. Sixty to go. No real issues yet. 10:10 PM Oct 29th

Perhaps going to lunch with my friends was a bad idea... That's an awful good looking bowl of pasta. 1:09 PM Oct 29th

i just turned down free pizza. Other than that, 16 hours in and so far so good 3:36 PM Oct 29th

Is at Denny's. Not eating. Coming here was dumb. 23 hours in. 10:34 PM Oct 29th

One third done! Not bad so far. We'll see how the first night on an empty stomach goes. 12:16 AM Oct 30th

I am awake. 33 hours in. I feel pretty normal, not as hungry as I was expecting. A little lightheaded, maybe. 8:54 AM Oct 30th

Biking is getting increasing more difficult and tiresome. That's the only real symptom so far. 10:04 AM Oct 30th

36 hours down. Halfway there. I'm at a constant one out of ten on the hunger scale... Nothing too bad. 12:08 PM Oct 30th

Getting very cold. The hunger is amplifying stress from work and I'm definitely getting a bit irritable. Little things are getting to me. 1:52 PM Oct 30th

My face is two inches from a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Le sigh. 8:13 PM Oct 30th

Going to bed. 49 Hours down, 23 to go. Pocketchange. 1:31 AM Oct 31th

48 hours in. I'm feeling no different than normal right now. My sense of smell is definitely heightened though. 8:02 AM Oct 31st

Just woke up. Still very three but can't seen to fall back asleep. 56.5 done. I can stubborn the rest of this out. 10:24 AM Oct 31st

I wonder if using toothpaste is cheating? 11:35 AM Oct 31st

I've seen more free food, drinks, and candy today than ever. Torturrrre. 6 hours left though. Stay the course! 2:05 PM Oct 31st from

I have walked part so much free candy today... I an truly being tested. Just bought chicken to grill for tonight. 4:50 PM Oct 31st

just finished taekwondo. Less than three hours! I'm going to have broccoli and grapes first, then some nuts, then maybe some chicken. 9:22 PM

One hour and sixteen minutes. I'm going to start cooking in about 45 minutes, and then spend about 3 hours savoring a very small meal. 10:43 PM Oct 31st

My dinner is ready. Just counting down the minutes... 11:55 PM Oct 31st

Victory is sweet. Sweet and tasty. 12:00 AM Nov 1st

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Blogger E.A. Aleksandroff, alias GT said...

lol you didn't expect to miss Halloween. Plan ahead next time! But your little escapade did make me aware of how much I eat. I have no intentions to become anorexic or anything like that, but I also find myself eating not when I'm hungry, but when there's food around. I think I just like the feeling of having something to chew, or the taste, without having any actual caloric needs. It's starting to bug me a little, even though I'm vegetarian and pretty healthy. We never really think about our motives for eating, do we?

November 3, 2008 at 9:08 PM  
Blogger Nate said...

Zach I was just checking out (I live in rochester so this is great news) and hopped on over here and I found this very intriguing.

Last year I did a two week juice fast. And the first 72 hours are the hardest! After that it's easy lol Since hunger is purely formed off habit after 3 days you no longer feel hungry and your body starts working on anything besides vital tissue (muscles, organs, etc) to fuel yourself. It uses toxins, fat, dead cells, etc. And if you stay well hydrated and juice fresh veggies and fruits yourself your body stays fueled and non-stressed from digesting. The side-effect is more energy and vitality!

At that time I had a much higher body fat percentage and would not ever do 2 weeks where I am at now!

Good stuff man.

And also I hope I can make it to the leave no trace event. Too bad it's getting dark at almost 5 pm though! I would really like to start working on PK. So i'll be in touch.

November 18, 2008 at 7:38 PM  

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