Friday, October 19, 2007

Tonight... we work out... in HELL

The first official Hell Night was tonight. It was great. Seven people showed up, and we dragged in an eighth that we saw walking by. I know of one other person who just couldn't show up today, and we found at least two people who might be interested in joining us in the process. So I'm calling it a success.

We met up, warmed up a bit, and then got started. Two of the other guys had been to my planning session, but no one else had any idea what was in store for them... After the warmup, we started with this:
parkour rochester

Crab walk up, backwards, move over a flight of stairs, and then QM down. Rinse, wipe hands on pants, repeat until out of rows of stairs.

Other popular favorites included grabbing on to a handrail and wrapping your feet over it, hanging underneath, and then crawling up. Wouldn't be too hard... except for the vertical support poles you have to go around. It was some serious work, but it was fun.

The Indian Wall Sits were good too. About a 75ft stretch of wall, sit with your legs at 90 degree angles, and your back pressed against the wall. The person at the end of the line stands up, runs across everyones thighs, goes back to position. Repeat until the end of the wall.

There was a lot of QMing. Up stairs, down stairs, up hills, down hills, through the woods (That's a personal favorite of mine. About 1/5th of a mile path through the woods. Get down on your hands and feet, and crawl as SILENTLY as you can, trying not to make any sound at all. It's long, hard, and dirty, but it's probably the best thing we did all night).

My only complaint is that there was a lot more resting than I had hoped/planned for. Part of this is almost required, seeing as there is some required waiting for room to open up for some of the activities, but we finished in around 3 hours this time. Next time, I want to aim for 2.5.

Of course, every Hell Night will be different. Next week we're going to do it all in the opposite order, partially so we can get to the really awesome rock precisions before it gets too dark.

However, I was VERY impressed by everyone. There's a lot of work to be done, but I think if people stick with it, as well as the rest of their training, we can really turn ourselves into something special. Especially once the dogsled gets built. (That's right. I said dogsled. Note: There will be no dogs involved in the pulling of this sled...)

Hell Night Participants
(Left to right: Artem, Zachary (me), Charlie, Zack, Mike, Eric, Andres)

Great Job, guys. Lets keep it up.

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Blogger Patrick said...

Sounds notoriously EVIL. Ill stick to throwing myself at dynos for now thankyouverymuch.

October 19, 2007 at 4:19 AM  

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